"I am the ancient. My beginnings are
lost in the darkness of the past.
I am not dead. Nor am I alive.
I am undead, forever."
-- Count Strahd Von Zarovich


Ravenloft is a classic Dungeons and Dragons adventure for 5-8 players. While a franchise and campaign setting has been spawned from the module, this is the story that started it all.

In essence, the quest is a traditional throwback to the "haunted castle on top of the hill" horror movies. The players find themselves trapped in the haunted lands of Barovia, and must find a way to escape -- by vanquishing the Count, or any other means discovered.

The module was written by Tracy Hickman, the well-known fantasy author who co-created The Dragonlance saga. The module is written with a random element -- each time the castle, the characters, even the plotline changes.

The webmaster runs two Ravenloft games every year -- as part of the Kentucky Fried Gamers October Frightfest and for GenCon Wednesday gaming. Other games may be held over the year and will be posted here.

The game is first edition Dungeons and Dragons, as native for the module's format. Due to length of the module, this will not be played online -- only in a face-to-face session. Players must use one of the pre-gens (in Current Roster) or a pre-approved character.

Good luck, and keep your neck covered.